Ivory One is an innovative and all-inclusive audio production company defined by a continued commitment to excellence through the fusion of music and technology and driven by an unparalleled passion for both.

What We Do:
From composition to recording, sound design to post production, Ivory One is equipped to handle everything audio. While we specialize in video game audio, we also excel in services that include, but are not limited to:

– Composing original music
– Sound effects
– Recreation of music
– Conceptualizing
– Printing midi tracks

We are committed to every project from beginning to end. Our clients know that their experience with Ivory One will be professional and their satisfaction top priority, no matter what the scope of their endeavor. We want your project to sound as good as it looks.


“Audio can take something ordinary and polish it into a full-circle, emotional experience complete with atmosphere”


Ivory One is based in Southern California and was founded by Mr. Konstantine X and Mr. Mike Mayo.

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